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What people say

These beer trails are awesome! We planned an excursion with a few buddies and rented a van and hit 8 breweries in one day. Not only was it awesome, but the breweries hooked us up with free stuff. Highly recommended!

James Stepp Random Beer Lover

I took my husband to 3 breweries along the Beltway Beer Trail, and we had a great time. Pro tip- don’t drink a flight of stouts at the first stop!

Marcy Redworth Happy Beer Trail Goer

About us

Beer Me LLC was born out of the necessity to bring enjoyable brewery experiences to more people in Virginia. By creating multiple beer trails, Beer Me LLC created a destination for craft beer lovers to enjoy multiple varieties of beers, from many different establishments, in an event designed to cater to said beer lovers. Not only can beer trail travelers enjoy epic brews from a variety of breweries along each beer trail, but they can reap the benefits packaged by Beer Me LLC- benefits such as free t-shirts, hats, and “coupons”. Interested in some swag or learning more about our beer trails? Lets us know you are interested and we will get back to you soon!

-Justin Smith & Chris Dill, Beer Me LLC Founders

Beer Trails

Beer Trails & Breweries in VA

Some Breweries We Work With

Beer Hound
Studio Brew
Spencer Devon
Capitol City Brewing Co
Mad Fox
Old Bust Head
Wolf Hills Brewing

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Mailing Address: 1 Beer St. BeerTown, VA 23232

Phone Number: +1 (804) 555-5555

Email: info@beermellc.com

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